Event Massage

The Ultimate Marketing Tool

Planning a special event that you want your clients and company to remember?  Let us help make it memorable by providing massage or wellness services that will leave your guests feeling happy and refreshed.

  • Workplace & Corporate Events

  • Employee Appreciation Days

  • Trade Shows, Conferences & Conventions

  • Membership Drives

  • Working Retreats

  • Employee Training

  • Customer Appreciation Days

  • Health & Wellness Fairs

  • Bridal & Wedding Parties

  • Spa Parties

  • Fund Raisers & Charity Galas

  • Sports & Golf Events

Dramatically Increase Traffic

Nothing draws a crowd like a complimentary chair massage!  You need as much traffic to your booth or event as possible - and chair massage gets them there. 

Keep Customers Around Longer

Chair Massage gives you the opportunity to engage with your prospects or clients for at least 5-15 minutes providing you with invaluable time to make your pitch.

Create Excitement

Once a crowd has gathered, more people will come by to see what's going on. And those who’ve enjoyed a chair massage will let other people know exactly where to go – straight to you!

Event Coordination Support Services 

Have a worry free event!  We take care of it all - from sign up sheets if needed, all equipment and supplies.  All you need to do is provide the space.


Reserve Your Event

Call to set up your complimentary 15 min consultation with one of our Relaxation Specialists.  We will come to your location to discuss how our team at On The Spot Massage can best serve your needs.