What Our Clients Say

Treating Chronic Pain

"As a chronic pain sufferer for over 20 years I have spent countless hours searching for all types of pain relief. My condition is considered to be permanent. There is no cure, only ways to improve my condition. I had tried several massage studios and found them to be of only temporary, short-term relief. Feeling that I had tried it all and what will one more try hurt?, I met with you at my office for our first of many sessions. The results for me were better than I could have hoped for and this is why after more than 7 years we continue to meet regularly for massage. I have to thank you for the way you have tailored your massage and techniques to give me the best results. I especially enjoy the days where you concentrate on my neck, scalp and face. The results of your massages last for a long time, and more importantly I can reduce and even skip having to take pain relievers." 

- Michael L., Toronto, ON


In Home Massage

"Cathy has been coming to my home providing chair massage for well over 5 years. For me it's a relaxing measure to get rid of stress areas. If I have an area that I have injured or is aching, Cathy helps with that too. She knows when I have areas of increased tightness that need work, I don't even have to tell her. Mostly, I just love massage. The convenience of having it in my own home is an extra bonus." 

- Dawn M., RN, Toronto, ON

Above and Beyond

"We have had Cathy from On the Spot Massage come to our office a few times in the past year and it was such a wonderful treat for the staff. Not only was she professional and reliable, she gave us great relaxing massages. She went above the call of duty so to speak and applied something called Kinesiology Tape to a few of the staff with muscle pain and inflammation. She applied it at the end of their session to help us get pain relief and better muscle functionality for up to 5 days after the massage. It was like having her walking behind us continually massaging us for 5 days. I loved it because I could shower and swim with the tape and it didn’t fall off. It worked like a charm. I recommend On the Spot Massage for anyone looking to have some stress management provided right in the office. It is convenient, affordable and such a great perk for the staff. Well worth it! We look forward to her next visit to help us unwind our twisted, aching muscles so that we can concentrate on our work and not our neck strain or back pain. Thank you Cathy, your services truly help us have an AHHHSOME Day as you say. "

- Norma B., ISE, Toronto, ON


The Gift of Healing 

"I wanted to do something special for my wife for Mother's Day so I thought an in house massage would be nice. I came across Cathy's website and gave her a call. After speaking with her for a few moments I clearly sensed that she took great pride in what she did and decided to reserve her services. She arrived at our home on time and was so friendly. She answered all our questions and gave my wife and I tips on how to improve our stress areas. The massage was one of the best we've ever had and we highly recommend her."

- Relaxed In Vaughan, Vaughan, ON


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